5 people

  • 1 heure 30 minutes
  • 255 British pounds
  • 1 Barrie's Close, Edinburgh EH1 1RF

Description du service

Deep within the Castle's library, you have found old notes from Nicolas Flamel detailing his first attempts at creating the Philosopher’s Stone. Unfortunately, most of his writing seems to have been damaged beyond repair, but you’ve managed to salvage the first step of the recipe: a couple of scraps of paper detailing a "Potion of True Luck". With end of the year exams around the corner, you and you friends decide to attempt brewing it. Unfortunately, you are missing 3 key ingredients to complete it and the only way to get them seems to be to steal them from the potion classroom’s pantry... During this interactive chemistry workshop, you will create your own potion, guided by a Potion Master. Create monstrous slimes, participate in a mini escape game, discover colour-changing ingredients, and enjoy many other experiments. At the end of the activity, bring with you your own potion to continue the adventure at home!


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Available Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee Edinburgh, UK